Competition is paying off for Get Fit challenger

Ten professionals and 10 teams are competing in the 2015 Get Fit Challenge. Who will earn the healthiest marks? Follow along on Facebook and then find out at the In Business Expo & Conference on Oct. 21. This week, IB checks in with Dustin Serrault of Applied Tech, which is competing in the team challenge. Serrault's coworkers Cliff McDonald and Riley Ruegsegger round out the team. Stay tuned for future blogs from the rest of the team members.

Entering the Get Fit Challenge was never about the challenge or getting fit, it was about growing the relationship between the different members of our organization. As the marketing manager, it’s my goal to build relationships both internally and externally. Fortunately, this competition has allowed Applied Tech to accomplish both! Little did I know that I would catch the fitness bug and completely change my way of life.

In the beginning of the challenge, my overall mission was to build relationships within our team at Applied Tech; however, after seeing my fellow teammates and challengers begin pushing their limits, my competitiveness kicked into high gear. Since the inauguration of the competition, my goals have grown dramatically. I have implemented a five-day-a-week training schedule that encompasses weight training, cardio, and Olympic lifting. Included in the training is a diet plan that nearly triples my daily calorie intake through a collection of vegan foods, such as veggies, tofu, tempeh, etc. Since the implementation of the training schedule and diet plan, I am happy to say that I have gained 7 pounds while looking leaner than ever. I hope to continue on this path and add another 5–8 pounds by the last day of the competition and maintain a base of 4–5% body fat.

The difficult part of the challenge so far has been balancing my work life, social life, hobbies, and my training schedule — especially during the summer. It seems as though there is never enough time in the day, and when it comes down to it my fitness has always taken a back seat. The Get Fit Challenge has created a level of excitement that I haven’t had before, making the balance a little easier to manage. Another challenge has been cutting out my regular summer essentials — beer, cookies, and the occasional trip to Cheba Hut. Luckily, I have been able to limit these treats to just on the weekends.

The easiest part of the challenge so far has been staying motivated. Thankfully, my team members are just as competitive as I am and have the same goal of winning the fittest company. Seeing the amount of commitment that they are putting into their fitness has encouraged me to try just as hard. If we continue to maintain this level of intensity, I have no doubt that we will blow our fitness goals out of the water.

The most fun part of the challenge so far has been the drive to try new summer hobbies. In the past few weeks, I have taken up hiking, paddle boarding, mountain biking, and, whenever possible, kayaking. What is really exciting about these new hobbies is the adventure that comes out of it. I now find myself traveling to new parts of the state to try something I have never done before.

I never expected to enjoy the Get Fit Challenge as much as I am!

Meet all of the competitors here and see who wins at the In Business Expo & Conference.

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