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I am so excited this week to announce the opportunity that IB has been busy arranging for you! (Drum roll, please). So forgive me in advance, but I’m going to be using a lot more exclamation points than usual this week. That’s how excited I am!

Pack your bags and expand your business/career horizons: IB has booked your airfare, ordered your meals, and reserved your hotel room for our May expedition to China. Join me, Bill Haight, and Jessica Hamm (from IB) and Dan Paulson (InVision) when we leave Madison on May 17 for a 12-day excursion to one of the most fascinating destinations in the world today. (A personal note to my friends and to IB readers in other parts of the world — we can get you there from your cities, too. E-mail me!)

Visit our website,, for trip details and agenda, special rates, and the registration opportunity.

From our website: “Travel with us to one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Over the past 20 years, China has gone from an underdeveloped country to a world superpower. This is your opportunity to meet with your peers in China to determine the possibilities that exist for developing joint ventures, expanding overseas, or sharing benefits to Chinese businesses that are looking to expand in the U.S. During this 12-day tour, you will travel throughout Tianjin and Beijing. We will be meeting with senior level business leaders, Chinese government and Embassy officials to begin building the relationships necessary to do business in China. This trip will include tours tailored to your interests so you may learn about the business or career opportunities that exist.”

Now back to my notes: Hotels, airfare* and meals are included, as well as scheduled cultural tours of the Great Wall of China and The Forbidden City — and of course we’ve built in opportunities for personal travel time to other sightseeing stops. However, this isn’t your typical sightseeing junket — it is a well-choreographed introduction to doing business in China, and will include cultural preparedness classes before we go, and one-on-one meetings with people on the other side of the world who are in the same business or occupation as you — that’s my special surprise, and the detail I insisted on if we were going to do any trip anywhere. It’s what makes our journey unique and most meaningful to our audience.

For example, if you are a hospital president (hint, hint, Dr. Frank Byrne and peers), you will be introduced to a hospital president in China and invited to tour their facility and see, first-hand, their medical procedures and equipment. We have boots on the ground, right now, in China to make that connection for you. If you are a developer, you will be partnered with a reputable developer in China. If you are a manufacturer, you will be paired with a manufacturer and be invited on-site to examine their processes. A banker will be paired with a banker, builder with builder, university professor with university professor, economic developer with economic developer, city official with city official, and so on. The only thing I would ask, for this personal connection option, is that you register as soon as possible so we can make the best match available for you.

We’ll help you begin building relationships that could create new opportunities for your company, organization or career. In addition, you will be educated on the cultural differences of doing business in China to provide you with a better understanding of how to:

  • Create trusting relationships
  • Network effectively
  • Understand Chinese business etiquette
  • Protect intellectual property
  • Conduct productive negotiations
  • Minimize risk

Our journey will include travel throughout Tianjin, the fourth largest port city and original gateway to Beijing, and we will spend time in Beijing. We will visit the economic development districts of TEDA (Tianjin Economic Development Area) and the Tianjin Free Trade Zone which is the China home of companies such as Airbus, John Deere, and Oshkosh. And you will be amazed at the speakers we put before you!

In Business has spent two years planning the ideal business trip, and we are partnering with Dan Paulson, Invision, to bring you this special opportunity at the most affordable price possible. This is expected to be the first of a series of trips to other parts of the world to help expand Wisconsin business opportunities, and to give participants the opportunity to imagine and make connections for future business opportunities.

And yes, of course we have a spouse/partner package available and some free time built in for group or individual travel to other great sites in the area. If you’ve always wanted to go to China, this is the perfect opportunity to arrange a trip. You’ll need passports and a current tetanus shot — but we’ll help you secure the visa. We’re doing everything possible to make this trip for you as seamless, inclusive, and affordable as possible.

Check it out now at and register ASAP to hold your seat. We’re building in group networking opportunities as well as pre-trip educational opportunities. IB will also be reporting back to our readership, via blogs and columns, Facebook and Twitter, about the trip as it unfolds, and we’ll be doing a cover feature story on the trip in our February issue, including interviews with some folks who plan to go, so there’s an additional reason to RSVP soon — unexpected marketing opportunities for your business and your career.

We are methodically planning each and every detail to bring you a first-class experience at the best possible price. So make your reservations ASAP and download that Chinese language app for your iPhone or iPad, and let the excitement build!

Let’s share a lifelong-learning adventure together!

*Airfare has been reserved now at the best rate of $2,000 for coach travel which is included in the trip price. Upgrades to business class or first-class are available for early registrants at an additional cost.

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