Clean Lakes Alliance 2022 State of the Lakes report indicates community progress 

Today, at its 10th annual Community Breakfast, Clean Lakes Alliance released its 2022 State of the Lakes report. The report, which looks at phosphorus reduction efforts through the 2022 calendar year, shows progress as a community is being made.  

United States Geological Survey data shows practices are working, as concentrated phosphorus, which fuels cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) blooms, is down per gallon of water entering the watershed; however, a changing climate that is delivering more water through higher-intensity rainstorms annually means more phosphorus is actually reaching the lakes. 

Clean Lakes Alliance will continue to push for changes to slow runoff, including encouraging rain gardens, rain barrels, and redirected downspouts. The organization says more green infrastructure and more community-wide knowledge of runoff control will make a difference.