City seeks public feedback on development of Madison’s last vacant full block

The city of Madison has scheduled two public meetings next week — one in person and one online — to discuss the development of the last remaining full block in the central city, the Wisconsin State Journal reports. The 2-acre, Brayton surface parking lot bounded by East Washington Avenue, East Main, South Butler, and Hancock streets is just three blocks from the Capitol building.

The city plans to craft a request for developer proposals later this year or in early 2024 as it contemplates the site’s transition from a parking lot to a new use that would benefit the First Settlement Neighborhood, downtown, and the city as a whole. The part closest to East Washington Avenue is envisioned for buildings up to 10 stories high and the part closest to East Main Street up to four stories. Community feedback will be key as housing is expected to be one of the project’s primary components; discussion of housing type and characteristics will help shape the city’s request for proposals.

Once the City Council approves a development partner , the proposed project will face reviews by city boards, commissions, committees, and the Council.