City of Madison offers more details Bus Rapid Transit

Plans for the implementation of Bus Rapid Transit are coming into clearer focus following a recent public meeting. According to an article in the Wisconsin State Journal, the city of Madison has provided more definitive cost estimates for various BRT route options and provided more details about how much faster this service would be for passengers.

BRT would offer more frequency and more capacity as part of its limited-stop service to connect east and west Madison. The service is needed to help alleviate traffic congestion in a growing city that has seen the number daily trips increase by 180,000 in the past five years.

Several route options were presented last week, which have an estimated cost of $120 million to $130 million for the initial build out, and as much as $100 million could come from federal grant money. The city expects to apply for a federal grant in 2020 and have the system operational by 2024.

The annual operational cost is an estimated $3.5 million.