City may seek higher-density development on University Avenue

In a departure from the University Avenue Corridor Plan, the City of Madison is reportedly hoping for higher density on a one-mile stretch of Old University Avenue between Breese Terrace and Farley Avenue. The corridor plan, drafted by the Regent Neighborhood Association, calls for a height limit of three stories on the south side of Old University Avenue and five stories on the north side. The city apparently approves of the three-story limit on the south side of the street, but the Department of Planning and Development (DPD) would like to allow up to eight stories on the north side, and where the neighborhood plan called for moderate density, DPD recommends medium to high density.

The city maintains that the neighborhood plan as written doesn’t accommodate future development pressures that will continue in the University Avenue corridor.

The Plan Commission is weighing the matter, which could go to the City Council for consideration later this year.