City council votes to move forward with controversial development

Madison’s Common Council voted unanimously Tuesday to move forward with a development project that will demolish the historic Filene House on Sherman Avenue and replace it with more than 300 new apartments, according to a report from WKOW ABC-27.

The proposed development has met with significant scrutiny. The city’s Landmarks Commission previously voted unanimously to recommend the Filene House for landmark status, but that was overturned by the council in February.

Opponents of the project say it won’t fit in the neighborhood and the Filene House is too historic to demolish. The Filene House was the original headquarters for CUNA and was dedicated by former president Harry Truman.

However, proponents for the new development say the apartments will provide much-needed housing for the city.

The new development from Chicago-based Vermillion Development will cost $90 million, provide 330 new apartments, and consist of five different buildings. There will also be a new road built on the site connecting neighboring streets.

Construction is expected to begin by the fall, with completion set for 2025.