City adopts 2022 budgets

The Madison Common Council approved the city’s 2022 capital and operating budgets after three evenings of deliberations, according to a statement from the city. The Council adopted a $354.2 million capital budget and a $360.3 million operating budget. The 15-year average levy increase for city government has been 4.1%. This year, it will be 1.2%. Priorities of the budgets include:   

  • Funding to staff an ambulance at Fire Station 14 and expanding eligibility for the ambulance hardship waiver program;  
  • Supporting the construction of affordable housing;  
  • Expansion of violence prevention services within the public health department;  
  • New investments for support of youth programming and jobs;  
  • Continued support for Bus Rapid Transit;  
  • Increased efforts to safely and humanely provide solutions to support people experiencing homelessness;  
  • Continued support for the Madison Community Alternative Response Emergency Services (CARES) program, an alternative response system for mental health 911 calls;  
  • Equitable service delivery for the new residents from the town of Madison;  
  • Full funding for the Civilian Oversight Board and Office of the Independent Police Monitor; and   
  • Funding three community connector positions in the department of civil rights to provide bilingual and bicultural support for residents who speak Spanish, Hmong, and Mandarin.