Cindy Meicher, Class of 2009

IB is celebrating 20 years of the 40 Under 40 in 2020, and will be catching up with past recipients to see what they’ve been up to since they were honored. This week features Cindy Meicher, CPA, CVA, managing partner, Meicher CPAs.
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What have you accomplished in your professional life/career since your 40 Under 40 selection?

I became a firm partner in 2013 after six and a half years with Meicher CPAs. At age 31, I was the only firm partner under the age of 40 for the next six years, working both on client service and bridging the gap between our baby boomer partners and new hire millennials. Our firm’s revenue has increased over 50% during that time period and today we have 12 partners and two full-time locations. I was promoted to managing partner of the firm in January 2020.

What accomplishments, milestones, or endeavors have you attained in your personal life since your 40 Under 40 selection?

My biggest personal accomplishments are my daughters, Elle, 7 and Eva, 4. They are bright, sweet, and happy girls who I have loved raising with the attitude that young woman can be both great leaders and a kind person.

I spent five years on the board of Operation Fresh Start including serving on the executive board for the last two years I was there. We ran a capital campaign, which enabled the school to move into its much-needed new, larger home on Milwaukee Street.

If you were to “do it all over again,” what (if anything) would you do differently throughout your career?

I would let go of guilt, especially as a working mother. During my first year of motherhood, I had a sense of permanent guilt — I felt guilty when I was home for not being at work, but when I was at work I felt guilty for not being at home. I wish I would have realized that I was truly doing the best I could, which is all any parent can do. Time away from my daughters can be difficult but it also shows them that women can be independently successful.

How did your 40 Under 40 selection help your career?

I enjoy the 40 Under 40 networking events and every time the issue is published, there are a handful of people who I can enjoy sending that congratulatory email to. It’s also great to know what other young professionals are up to in the Madison community.

What is something that you have a new passion for since the time of your induction — either professionally or personally?

I took up golf three years ago. I was tired of being the one always stuck working in the office when my colleagues took clients out for a day in the sun. I’m extremely competitive, so being a novice at such a challenging game has been difficult.  My goal for next year is to be more patient, so trying to improve my golf game is a good ritual. Even better, my 7-year-old started playing golf last year and is loving it.

Based on your experience, do you have any advice for today’s young professionals (under 40)?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions; instead, be eager for the opportunity to learn. Focus on establishing good habits to further your long-term goals — do not be shortsighted. The best way to move up is to ask yourself what you can do to make your boss’s job easier. You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, so pick networking contacts and friends who are intelligent, motivated, and kind.

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