Chocolatier’s opening plans spoiled

CocoVaa Chocolatier had plans for a big holiday grand opening at its store in The Marling on East Washington Avenue today, but it won’t have any chocolate for sale thanks to damage caused by next-door construction, according to a report from Channel3000. 

Owner Syovata Edari says more than two days of chocolate production, amounting to thousands of dollars, has been lost due to fumes from the construction of the Inner Fire Yoga studio, which is being built right next door. The fumes came from the application of a concrete sealer, and the odor spread to CocoVaa last Friday, the report says. 

Edari, who blamed the spoilage on both a lack of ventilation and consideration for neighbors, called the decimation of the new store’s biggest sales week, during its first Christmas holiday season as a retail store, a shame. While the new east side store will go on with its planned grand opening and ribbon cutting, Edari will not make chocolate again until she’s certain there is no public safety risk.