Cellectar awarded nearly $2 million to expand ongoing cancer study

New Jersey-based Cellectar Biosciences Inc., a late-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on targeted treatments for cancer, announced it has been awarded $1.98 million in additional grant funding to expand its ongoing Phase 1 study of iopofosine I 131 in children and adolescents with inoperable relapsed or refractory high-grade gliomas (HGGs). The grant to Cellectar, which has an office in Madison, was awarded by the National Institute of Health’s National Cancer Institute based upon the initial signals of efficacy in the Phase 1 study, which demonstrated responses to iopofosine through changes in multiple tumor parameters and extended progression-free survival. Pediatric HGGs are a collection of aggressive brain and central nervous system tumor subtypes and patients with HGGs have very poor prognoses, with a survival rate of less than 30%.