First Choice Dental – The Marling

Project Summary

Project Name: First Choice Dental – The Marling

City: Madison, WI

Square Footage: 7,760sqft.

What was the budget for this project? Preferred to not disclose.

What is the project’s purpose?

First Choice Dental has several established locations in and around Dane County. With Downtown Madison’s rapid growth, First Choice Dental had an opportunity to build-out a beautiful new office, at a prime location on East Washington Avenue in The Marling building. Their new full-service dental office serves as a centralized location for their current patients, while also welcoming new patients.

How many people are expected to interact with this project?

From the design phase through construction, the project involved more than 100 personnel/workers to build First Choice Dental’s new location. Completed in 2019, their new office staffs 15 employees and already serves 4,000 new patients, with that number growing every week. With it’s unique location on one of Madison’s main traffic corridors, East Washington Ave., this project via it’s two-story lobby interacts with the passing motorists on East Washington Ave. and pedestrian/park visitors along the Yahara River Parkway frontage.

What impact has the project had on the surrounding community?

While looking for a new location to build, First Choice Dental saw the potential in The Marling building immediately. Not only is the location centralized, and incredibly visible on East Washington Avenue, it is within walking distance to several other health & wellness facilities, shopping areas, and restaurants in the area, making it very accessible the community, which is important to most people located in the Downtown area. Their new location provides a much-needed service for the expanding population in the East Washington Ave. area.

What are the unique features that set this project apart from others in the same category?

The new clinic at the Marling includes a lobby that evokes a greater sense of hospitality, and less a sense of clinic.  The intent was that all guests, patients and staff enter an environment that is welcoming, stimulating, attractive, understandable and comfortable, thereby setting the tone for the remainder of their experience at the clinic.

In addition to the lobby space, the clinic is served by a business office, two consult offices, 13 state of the art operatories, a dental lab and a prep lab.  Staff amenities include a breakroom and lounge, locker rooms and uniform laundry.  All features of the space including the planning, material choices, lighting and furniture selections are deliberate to support and reinforce the vision of a dental experience that exceeds expectations for all.

Provide details of the green-built features and environmental impact of the project.

Not answered.    


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