Catholic Charities announces closure of Community Living, CompanionCare programs

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Madison is closing its Community Living program and its CompanionCare program, according to a recent WARN notice. The organization at 702 S. High Point Road, Suite 201, intends for the closing to be permanent and involve the entirety of both programs.

By Nov. 30, the organization plans to lay off a total of 48 employees within the Community Living program and a total of 11 employees within the CompanionCare program; the schedule is subject to change. The last of all services provided by Catholic Charities will occur by that date as well. No employee will see separation from employment before Oct. 31.

Employees do not have bumping rights, and none are represented by a labor organization. Catholic Charities will ensure that employees are paid all earned wages and agreed upon benefits at the time of their separation from employment.