Candy wars: Local chocolatier sued

CocoVaa, a Madison chocolate shop operated by entrepreneur Syovata “Vata” Edari, is being sued by candy maker Mars Inc., which claims Edari’s company name is confusingly similar to a dietary product line it produces named “CocoaVia.” Besides wanting to ban Edari from using the CocoVaa name, Mars seeks damages to be determined at trial, plus all of her profits.

Edari sells fine chocolates and her trademark was registered on March 14. Mars Inc.’s product is a dietary supplement made with cocoa extracts that comes in powder or capsule form.

Thus far, Edari, a criminal defense attorney by trade, calls the lawsuit “trademark bullying” and hasn’t backed down, though she is working with a trademark attorney, according to various reports.

She started her company as Gilded Artisan Chocolates in 2015 but change it to CocoVaa in 2016 after researching the name. She is the sole employee. “Vaa” was a nickname her father had given her.