Bunker Labs opens in Madison to aid veteran entrepreneurs

Bunker Labs @ Wisconsin opened its doors on Nov. 10 at University Research Park with a mission to help veteran entrepreneurs begin their own startup companies. According to UW–Madison, the group is recruiting 10 to 20 veterans who have promising ideas for technology-oriented ventures or who have a young enterprise in which technology plays a vital role.

The Bunker will offer business-accelerator-style advice, support, and referrals to entrepreneurs. Areas of assistance might include revenue growth, finding access to capital, and acquiring the first customers, the university says.

Each of the 10 Bunker Labs nationwide raises its own funds and faces its own challenges, so the Wisconsin group is seeking corporate and foundation support. At UW–Madison, the Small Business Development Center is assisting Bunker Labs through the Wisconsin Business AnswerLine service. Vets can learn about attending the Bunker Lab program by calling 1-800-940-7232.