Building homes, growing (with) neighbors

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Imagine if one day, poof, your business bank just disappeared. Your credit, your partner — gone. Your company’s finances — in disarray.

Did your heart sink a little? Stay tuned; this story has a happy ending.

When the 2008 recession hit — at the same time Encore Homes was planning for growth — Encore’s Chief Financial Officer Jeff Jaschinski pondered that possibility.

“We were very concerned that we were going to wake up one morning and find out we didn’t have a bank anymore,” Jaschinski recalls. “So, we needed to make a change. We wanted to become partners with a bank that we felt was financially stable, where we weren’t concerned about them being there for us in the long term.”

The solution was, quite literally, right around the corner.

“Our old office was a neighbor of Oak Bank,” Jaschinski says. “We were kind of kitty-corner behind them.”

“I think we all believe that if you’re not growing as a business, you’re not succeeding,” says Encore President Chad Wuebben. “Our partnership with Oak Bank has allowed us to achieve that growth.”

“We do in a month now what we used to do in a year,” Jaschinski adds. “Oak Bank has grown with us that entire time and been able to finance our operation.”

That operation now includes communities from Waunakee to Fitchburg and Cross Plains to Mount Horeb. Working directly with Oak Bank’s Senior Vice President of Business Banking Linda Zimdars, Wuebben and Jaschinski stay a step ahead of a very competitive and ever-changing housing market.

“One thing we appreciate about Linda is that she’s proactive,” Jaschinski says. “I’ll be thinking about a project coming up, and then I’ll get a call from Linda saying, ‘I’ve been looking at this and thinking we might need to go from here to here.’ Oak Bank is proactive and that’s very important to us.”

“I read minds,” Zimdars jokes.

As Encore Homes has grown, other banks have taken notice.

“Other banks have approached us over the years, and they make everything sound really good,” Jaschinski says. “And then we say, ‘Alright, let’s get down to the real financing of the jobs.’ We find out that we’re too big for them.”

“Those other banks’ promises never come true,” Wuebben adds.

If your company is ready to look around the corner for a new business banking partner, Wuebben can tell you what to look for.

“We like local banks,” he says. “We like the personal service. We like knowing the people that we bank with, as opposed to a large commercial bank where you’re just a number and not a name. That’s why we enjoy working with Oak Bank.”

And to that, we say, “Encore!”