Building better businesses: Q&A with Gregory St. Fort

If you’ve been around Madison’s startup scene within the past year, then you’ve probably already met Gregory St. Fort.

Since his arrival in Madison (by way of New York), Gregory has been a catalyzing force behind Greater Madison’s emergence as a reputable startup city.

We recently sat down with Gregory, to learn more about his entrepreneurial endeavors and his thoughts on business development.

MBR: Many of our readers recognize you as the executive director of 100state, but you’re also an entrepreneur. Tell us about your company. 

GSF: My position as the ED of 100state is part of the continuous process to build entrepreneurs in various communities. The company that I founded is LetsKeepBuilding (LKB). LetsKeepBuilding is a social marketing company that believes in building people, building products, and building communities. It started as a social media campaign and evolved into a marketing company and entrepreneur community. Our main service is product launches.

MBR: Does LetsKeepBuilding have a core audience or a target demographic? 

GSF: We have done events within communities that are majority black, white, Hispanic, etc. It’s all based on the location of the community we are marketing to.

MBR: Is there something unique about LetsKeepBuilding that you think particularly resonates with either young professionals or with entrepreneurs? 

GSF: The culture of our fans, supporters, and team members has always been about building your gifts, collaboration — and being sexy while doing it. I think we are sexier than other brands.



MBR: It seems like teamwork and collaboration are at the heart of what LetsKeepBuilding does. How does LetsKeepBuilding promote teamwork and collaboration in Madison? 

GSF: We have collaborated with other brands to create events. We are currently launching LKB Community, which will be an event series for entrepreneurs to come together to talk about their ideas and find other entrepreneurs who can help. We are launching this in Madison.

MBR: Are there any aspects of your New York background that you believe add value to your vision for LKB Community in Madison?   

GSF: Being from New York, you have a great understanding of how diversity impacts your community, product, or service.

MBR: What else should we know about LKB Community in Madison? 

GSF: The launch of the LKB Store is very exciting and we are looking to partner up with other entrepreneurs and designers. We are looking to create clothing inspired by Madison-based entrepreneurs, startups, and nonprofits. Royalties will be paid to any entrepreneurs or startup that wants to endorse a product. You can find out more about it on our website.

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