Boycott Bratfest? Another progressive assault on free speech

Leave it to our liberal/progressive acquaintances (for they ARE …) to do what they do best — stifle free speech.

Supermarket entrepreneur Tim Metcalfe announces that he is going to have one stage for a Christian, pro-life message for his annual Bratfest over the Memorial Day weekend and today the Madison left is organizing a boycott. That is one stage out of five that will include rock, jazz, country, hip-hop, and (shudder) gospel.

Never mind. No deviance from the party line permitted in Madison, North Korea.

The boycott is being led by the abortion lobbyist Lisa Subeck. In addition to running Wisconsin NARAL, she is a City of Madison alderman and candidate for State Assembly.

Metcalfe told the Wisconsin State Journal that Christian music has a huge following so it’ll be there for people who want it, while those who aren’t fans will have alternatives such as rock. He intends to invite Bob Lenz, who runs the “Save the Storks” bus tour.       

Subeck is an avowed enemy of crisis pregnancy centers, which help troubled mothers who choose life over abortion. Threatens the abortion franchise. (What Subeck calls “women’s health care.” Not so healthy for the baby, but …)

I get that Ms. Subeck makes her living from abortion. She has the right to decline being a celebrity server. Her decision. What is objectionable is the peer pressure, the herd mentality, to derail alternate voices. No more discussion — the issue has been decided. That some women might choose life over abortion? Scandalous!

“We need every elected official in Dane Co to turn him down now. And a boycott,” chimes in Rep. Terese Berceau, D-Madison, on Subeck’s Facebook page.

Subeck helped defeat a federal subsidy to house indigent mothers on Madison’s east side a year ago, despite warnings from city legal staff that Care Net Pregnancy Center of Dane County qualified in every way. (“So much for pro-choice” is related here.)

Metcalfe was a hero just a few months ago for going “homeless” for a few days. Difficult being ideologically pure.

“Like bondage” says my candidate for governor of Idaho, biker Harley Brown.

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