Blogging tips: What is your title really saying?

When someone searches for a particular topic you’re writing about, your goal is to get found and get read, right?

Crafting a solid blog post title, also known as a headline, is an important component in getting your blog posts noticed. But how do we actually build a headline that’s attractive to the human eye and to search engines like Google and Bing, which determine whether or not we get found in the first place?

Here are three tips that can help you create awesome blog titles:

Use a relevant keyword phrase

If I were looking for information on how to improve my blog, what would I search for? In my title for this blog post, I used the keyword phrase “blogging tips,” which people use as a search term 1,300 times per month across the United States. “Blogging tips” also has low competition, which means there aren’t that many other websites using this particular phrase. If you’re technically inclined, you can use Google’s Keyword Planner to determine which keyword phrases are good to use. All you need to use the app is a Google account (which most of us already have).

If you’re not interested in learning how to perform keyword research, the next best choice is to choose a keyword phrase that organically makes sense. Instead of “blogging tips,” you might use “blogging,” “blogging 101,” or “blog tips.” Just make sure you keep the keyword phrase relevant to the topic of the post, and limit each phrase to one or two words. Remember, nobody searches with complex terms like “tips that are going to make my blog rank really good!”

The keyword phrase in your title is a critical factor in helping search engines find you. This is one of the first places Google or Bing will look to see what your content is about, making a relevant keyword phrase a must-have. In addition to the title, make sure you populate the content of your blog post with the keyword phrase as well.

Make your title interesting

Even if you rank number one on Google’s natural search results for that particular keyword phrase, your title still needs to engage your readers — otherwise they will click on something else that catches their attention.



If the thought of creating an interesting blog title is daunting to you, there’s a pretty simple solution: Focus on the value you’re providing in your post.

Whether it’s solving a specific problem or pain point, opening up a hot topic for discussion, or simply reviewing a movie you saw over the weekend, if you express the value of your post to the reader, he or she is very likely to be engaged.

Keep it crystal clear

As a writer, I appreciate metaphor and a clever turn of a phrase. But a blog title needs to make instant sense to your customer demographic. If it’s ambiguous or requires too much deduction to figure out, the reader will move on.

Your title needs to make sense in mere seconds and clearly express what your post is about.

I hope these blogging tips help you create blog titles that connect your business with readers!

Joey Donovan Guido is a Madison business owner with more than 20 years of experience in copywriting, SEO, blogging, email marketing, and social media campaigns. He has worked with companies like Lands’ End, Demco, and Graninger Industrial Supply. You can find his website at