Blaska’s Bring It! is not a sitting duck

Forget those signs that read “No Firearms on Premises.”

The sign at the cavernous entrance to the Stately Manor reads “No Sitting Ducks Here.”

The shooting deaths of nine people at a community college in the state of Oregon is a real tragedy. Something Must Be Done, the song goes. Blaska’s Bring It! blogge agrees! But what is the something that must be done?

Close the gun show loophole? Yeah, that should do it. (Snark alert!) Most states, including Wisconsin, already prohibit guns to domestic abusers and felons. Yes, crack down on crazy people. Just try to adjudicate craziness sometime. Jared Loughner’s parents tried to get help for the Tucson shooter, one of many who flew over the  cuckoo’s nest.

Gun buy-backs? Give us your rusted … . Outright confiscation? (If it were up to the Brandi Graysons, the police themselves would be disarmed.) Suppose for a moment that good, law-abiding folks surrendered their arms to the local constabulary. Does anyone suppose the nut cases, crime families, meth cookers, and inner city gang bangers would relinquish theirs?

The problem at Kumquat College or whatever the hell it was is that the lone security guard was unarmed! No one could defend themselves!

Remember that heroic principal at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., trying to stop the shooter of those little children? The poor lady was shot dead through her outstretched hands because those hands were empty. The shooter stopped when he heard the sirens. Those weren’t grief counselors speeding to the scene; those were people with guns.

But why wait on the emergency dispatcher? Why don’t liberals, progressives, and socialists trust school personnel to carry weapons?

Ever notice? Most mass shootings happen in supposedly “gun-free” zones, such as schools, posted against firearms.



Roseburg, Oregon -9 — Chicago, Illinois -388

Donald Trump will never get a faculty position here at the Blaska Policy Research Center but the man — mean-spirited though he may be — does have a streak of common sense.

“These gun-free zones are a disaster because everybody’s just a sitting duck,” he told Fox & Friends on Sunday. For Umpqua Community College was officially a gun-free zone. Said so right there in the student handbook. And all those signs. Can’t ya read?  

The war on guns is as likely to succeed as the war on drugs. The latest body count from the killing fields of Chicago tallies 2,347 shooting victims and 388 homicides (up one-quarter from last year).

Baltimore suffered 246 homicides (mostly by guns) so far this year, spiking since the Freddie Gray affair — up 52% from last year. Murder in St. Louis is up 60% since from last year and the Ferguson riots, with 153 homicides so far this year.

Homicides in Milwaukee were up 76%, according to the New York Times on August 31.

The indispensable Eugene Volokh, professor of law at UCLA, reports that mass murders on average account for much less than 1% of the U.S. homicide rate “and are unusually hard to stop through gun control laws, since the killer is bent on committing a publicly visible murder and is thus unlikely to be much deterred by gun control law, or by the prospect of encountering an armed bystander.”

He lists 10 incidents in which an armed citizen likely saved lives. (Same link.) Here is a list of 12 (with some duplicates).

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