Blaska has been white the last few years

That doesn’t mean he’s right. But at least he’s honest.

“Tan lines matter.” That’s just one of the irreverent comments on social media over the German-Bohemian woman who has made a career based on the lie that she is African-American. (The cheekiest: White Obama Approves.)

Has identity politics, one of the foundations of the liberal-progressive-socialist experiment, been dealt a fatal blow? Who is the racist now?

Rachel Dolezal’s adopted brother, as quoted by CNN, is pithy and brutal: “She’s only been an African-American the last few years.”

Can Blaska aide de camp Ruben Mamoulian take over for Ms. Dolezal?

Can you blame the woman? Want to get into the business of racial demagoguery? Want to lead the local NAACP? Teach race at a state university? Chair a city police racial watchdog panel? Stand up alongside the Baltimore D.A. prosecuting rogue police officers? Difficult if you’re white, easier if you’re not.

But Dr. Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, and Herman Cain are “not authentically black” because, gosh darn it, they’re conservative. Even Dane County D.A. Ismael Ozanne has put his minority status in jeopardy by refusing to indict the white cop in the black teenager’s death.

Old hands at The Capital Times will recall that legendary reporter and classic liberal John Patrick Hunter listed his race as black on his state driver’s license. His small protest against race-based laws and social biases. Have we gone 180 degrees in the wrong direction?

You were expecting an Obama puff piece?

It’s not the cover of the Rolling Stone but you know Scott Walker is a political rock star when he makes the cover of the New York Times Magazine. “Scott Walker and the fate of the union” is a good read. (Get it? “Fate” of the union, instead of “State of the Union.”)

That cover picture is straight out Bolshevist! The feature article is the McCain-Feingold-exempt product of the corporation that wants to geld the First Amendment for everyone but the favored news organizations. The same publication that revealed Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio has three traffic tickets in the last 15 years.

So the author assembles a veritable shooting gallery of easy targets. Let’s recount the 1886 Bay View Massacre, ever-so-delicately suggesting that enacting right-to-work is roughly equivalent. Let’s quote from a rival group to WMC, but not from “conservative” WMC itself. Let’s rely on “analysis” from The Capital Times. Let’s source the Center for Media and Democracy as “a watchdog group based in Madison.” Yeah, the outfit run by the former editor of The Progressive magazine.

Mix in the usual suspects: Koch Brothers, ALEC, and Rush Limbaugh.

The cover story’s protagonist praises his union as “pure democracy” in apparent contrast to the elected state legislature’s lawful action in making Wisconsin the 25th right-to-work state. No attempt is made to delve into what happened to employment or wages in the other 24 states, among them Michigan and Indiana.

All that said, the article does give pause that Republicans may be squandering their majority-making inroads to what one union leader describes (I think accurately) as “beer-­drinking, gun-­toting, pickup-­driving rednecks.” Socially and politically conservative. For what political or economic gain?

And Scott Walker did break his promise.



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Read it in the Corporation that Speaks as if it were a Person: Outgoing Dem chair: ‘I think Scott Walker has no moral center’. Says the guy whose spokesman was Graeme Zielinski (who likened the governor to cannibal killer Jeffrey Dahmer) and who recruited, trained, and managed an empty suit named Mary Burke.

How did Russ Feingold get so much news media mileage out of a clearly partisan campaign trick: make your opponent promise “to keep third-party spending out of Senate race.” If it’s really third party, Ron Johnson won’t be able to do anything about it.

Oops. Now Dan Bice is reporting that Former Russ’s political action committee gave “a mere 5% of its income” to candidates and campaigns. Instead, nearly half of the millions raised has gone for salaries, including for clean-living Russ.

Congratulations to the Nancy Pelosi/Bernie Sanders wing of the Republican party for defeating the 11-nation Pacific Rim trade bill, at least for now.

The problem, says Mayor Paul Soglin, is “compassion without rules.”

Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner. Compassion without rules is the operating principle of the Blaska Policy Research Werkes. Equivalent to “trust but verify.”

The likes of Al Matano and Paul Nelson will never get it. But where are our so-called conservative county board supervisors? I have challenged Supervisors Ronn Ferrell and Mike Willett to put before the entire county board the no loitering ordinance rejected by the City-County Liaison Committee. Let’s have a roll call of all 37 supervisors.

Make them go on the record. The campaign brochure writes itself.

If we can’t have some fire, how about a little smoke?

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