Black lies matter

Donald Trump is tapping a vein of bile over illegal immigration. But the far greater threat to this nation is the internecine carnage in America’s black, inner city neighborhoods. The candidate who faces this issue head-on deserves to be elected president; I don’t care if s/he is a Democrat.

The usual suspects will play the race card against that candidate. The grievance industry will employ the heckler’s veto. The mainstream news media will denounce him/her. Scott Walker, let’s see how unintimidated you really are.

Case in point: A University of Wisconsin executive says police should not arrest shoplifters at big box stores if those thieves are black.

“I just don’t think that they should be prosecuting cases … for people who steal from Wal-Mart.”

Everett Mitchell, UW director of community relations, added that he didn’t believe big box stores should be using “the fact that people steal from there as justification to start engaging in aggressive police practices.”

Blaming “aggressive police practices” is liberal dog whistle for ignoring crime and social disorder. Who does that help? Not the perp, not the victim, not the neighborhood.

When The (Madison) Capital Times takes editorial notice (Read it and weep, but your comments are not allowed!) of the story broken by MediaTrackers, it is to excoriate his critics for their “racist backlash.”

Change the subject

Guilty white liberal Paul Fanlund, the editor of “Your Progressive Voice,” won’t argue the merits so he changes the subject. “In the end, the right wing will continue its attacks on UW, on its researchers, on its professors, and on its administrators. The frontal assault on public education and, more broadly, knowledge in all forms is central to the right-wing brand and will continue. It is what they do.”

Somehow, criticizing Mitchell’s racist statement is an attack on higher education!

All year long, the uber-progressive Capital Times has served as a megaphone for Brandi Grayson’s Young, Gifted and Black movement. Her Al Sharpton affinity group has demanded police out of black neighborhoods — the ones plagued by regularly occurring riots — the immediate release of black jail inmates, and taxpayer reparations. YGB scapegoated a white Madison police officer in the death of a biracial man high — and violent — on magic mushrooms before and after the officer was cleared after an investigation by Dane County’s biracial district attorney.

Young and Foolish is part of a nationwide Blame the Police First movement, known elsewhere as “Black Lives Matter.”

AKA “The great lie of the summer,” as Jason L. Riley calls it in today’s Wall Street Journal.

Black Lives Matter “was founded on one falsehood — that a Ferguson, Mo., police officer shot a black suspect who was trying to surrender — and it is perpetuated by another: that trigger-happy cops are filling our morgues with young black men.

The reality is that a cop is six times more likely to be killed by someone black than the reverse. The reality is that the Michael Browns are a much bigger threat to black lives than are the police.

… this movement is not about the fate of blacks per se but about scapegoating the police in particular, and white America in general, for antisocial ghetto behavior. It’s about holding whites to a higher standard than the young black men in these neighborhoods hold each other to. Ultimately, it’s a political movement, the inevitable extension of a racial and ethnic spoils system that helps Democrats get elected.



Separate but unequal

Their separate but unequal — and lower — standard of conduct is every bit as racist as George Corley Wallace standing in the schoolhouse door.

Riley, who is black, quotes NYC police commissioner William Bratton: “We have, unfortunately, a very large population of many young people who have grown up in an environment in which the . . . traditional norms and values are not there.”

It is not happenstance that 30 American cities are reporting increases in violence this year. Milwaukee has seen the biggest rise, with a 76% increase in murders, followed by St. Louis (a 60% increase), and Baltimore (up 56%).

Heather MacDonald of the Manhattan Institute recounts for the Wall Street Journal that, “Some experts say that the rise in violence is due to ‘the Ferguson effect’ — the theory that police officers have been withdrawing from everyday enforcement due to fears they could be charged.

“Unless the demonization of law enforcement ends, the liberating gains in urban safety will be lost.”

Instead of defining deviance down, Fanlund, Mitchell, Grayson, et al should send an unambiguous message: don’t steal, don’t cheat, don’t use, don’t abuse. It’s not that difficult. Spread a positive message: learn and earn. It’s the only way to get ahead.

Quotation of the day Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke: “Stop trying to fix the police and start fixing the ghetto.”

Todays definition White privilege: being held responsible for the acts of your ancestors by people who take no responsibility for their children.

To Paul Fanlund the Vester Flanagan Award for Imaginary Racial Grievances.

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