Biden-Harris administration allocates $2.6M for coastal community protection 

According to a recent press release, the U.S. Department of Commerce unveiled a $2.6 billion framework to invest in coastal climate resilience through President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act.

As part of the President’s Investing in America Agenda, this initiative dedicates nearly $400 million specifically for Tribal priorities, benefits coastal and Great Lakes communities nationwide, and promotes environmental justice.

Additional investments from the Inflation Reduction Act will improve weather and climate data and services, support the Biden-Harris administration’s America the Beautiful conservation initiative, and strengthen NOAA’s fleet of research airplanes and ships that are used to collect data about the ocean and atmosphere.

The investments will support funding and technical assistance for capacity building, transformational projects that help protect communities from storms and flooding, the creation of quality climate-related jobs, and improved delivery of climate services to communities and businesses. These programs include:

  • Climate Resilience Regional Challenge, with $575 million;
  • Tribal Priorities, with $390 million;
  • Climate-Ready Fisheries, with $349 million;
  • Ocean-Based Climate Resilience Accelerators, with $100 million; and
  • Climate-Ready Workforce, with $60 million.