Bend Health expands access to pediatric and teen mental health care

Bend Health Inc., a national, virtual pediatric behavioral care provider, announced that it has expanded access to its services through agreements with two of the nation’s largest health insurers, employers totaling 650,000 people, and integrated medical and behavioral health partnerships with Sauk Prairie Healthcare, Allegro Pediatrics, and other multispecialty systems with 500 doctors and care providers nationwide.

UnitedHealthcare, Magellan (California), and other insurers now offer Bend services as a covered benefit to 170 million people. These agreements, along with growing health system and employer partnerships, and self-pay, extend Bend access to all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Later this year services will expand from supporting kids and teens ages 1–17 to include those up to age 26.

Bend supports mental health from sub-acute issues such as stress, sibling rivalry, technology addiction, anxiety, and depression to severe mental illness, including obsessive-compulsive disorder, trauma, and co-occurring substance use. Its collaborative care model combines virtual video visits, chat messaging, and integrated digital experiences to provide kids, teens, and caregivers skills that support long-term mental health resilience and wellness.