BBB provides tips on developing company social media policies 

With more than 70% of Americans and 80% of Canadians using some social media, social networks provide a vast opportunity to reach and engage customers. Tips recently released by the Better Business Bureau, however, show the importance of establishing ground rules to ensure that business’ social media channels accurately and professionally represent their brands.

Business’ social media policies are advised to include the following:

  • An identification of employees’ roles, making clear who can post content to the company’s social media accounts, who can access login information, and more;
  • A description of the brand’s voice and tone to create consistency;
  • Ground rules for appropriate behavior on business social media accounts;
  • A defined comment moderation policy;
  • Security and legal considerations, such as copyright laws and any industry regulations that might apply to the business; and
  • A plan to handle misinformation.

Revising social media policies regularly is also recommended.