An impassioned plea to the recallers: will you please shut up now?

Beep-beep-beep, beep-ba-dee beep beep!

That is the sound the horn on my Bring It! fleet vehicle is making on the busy Beltline highway in Madison today. I have appropriated the semaphore of the Recall Movement to correct its narrative that Greek-style street mobs trump the polling place.

Beep-beep-beep, beep-ba-dee beep beep!

This is what dem-oc-racy looks like!

Our long national state nightmare is over

Tuesday is what democracy looks like.

Not drum circles, not chanting or death threats. Not drawing little Hitler mustaches on your political adversaries. Not boycotting small mom and pop businesses. Not trying to impose government by minority by hightailing it across the border. Not harassing the elected officials who remained to represent their constituents. Not spewing vile profanity at a 14-year-old girl, nor disrupting the Special Olympics, nor overnight camping and marijuana tents in the State Capitol, nor the tiresome antics of Pink Dress Guy and Segway Boy.

All are creatures of the Democrat/public sector union recall.

The Fist of Anger has been defeated by the goodwill of the majority who waited, with good humor and patience, until they could express themselves at the polling place.

They re-elected Scott Walker over Tom Barrett by a wider margin Tuesday (7%) than they did a year and a half ago. They re-elected three of the four Republican state senators up for recall and maybe the fourth, pending a recount, in a Racine-based district that switches senators every time there is an election.

That is what democracy looks like.

The people of Wisconsin have endured a 15-month temper tantrum and we came out of the other end of this black hole to this beautiful day in June. No military tanks in the street; no fixed bayonets, no deportations, no re-education camps. Schools are teaching, employers are hiring, the state’s books are balanced. Wisconsin is working.

We must hold some people accountable

The Old Squire taught his children to be magnanimous in victory, graceful in defeat. There will be no gloating.

But I cannot say no harm, no foul. There needs to be a public accounting.

What was this recall all about? Not about collective bargaining, to hear the Democrat’s candidate. He never mentioned it. Jobs? How many did Tom Barrett lose? Ending the civil war? Public employee unions caused it. What was the point?

The people of Wisconsin elected a conservative Republican governor in November 2010. They gave him a conservative Republican legislature. They governed as conservative Republicans.

For good measure, voters in November 2010 replaced two U.S. congressmen and one U.S. senator with Republicans. Since that day in November a year and a half ago, we in Wisconsin have endured an election every 60 days. (There’s more to go: a primary for U.S. Senate and state legislative races in August and the general election on Nov. 6.)

First off, chairman Mike Tate and spokesmouth Graeme Zielinski are finished at the Democrat(ic) Party of Wisconsin. Frankly, I hope they stay, but even the Democrats are not that self-destructive.

Mary Bell and Marty Beil (how alike their names!) bet the farm at the statewide teachers union and the Wisconsin State Employees Union, respectively. They can seek honest work, too.

John Nichols, you can return the bullhorn to the International Socialists. They need it in Greece. The radio Slymer can bay at the moon; no one is listening. The Mr. Ed Show can take his carnival act to Sacramento, the capital of a state that is in real trouble. Jesse Jackson can cry racism in a different crowded theater. Michael Moore can sell stupid somewhere else.

As for the president, Barack Obama and his operation knew better than to wade into the Wisconsin recall disaster, but he abandoned “the base” at the altar. They will not rekindle the passion for their candidate that they had four years ago.

All of these individuals have damaged their brands, perhaps irreparably.

All of you have made Scott Walker the most important man in the United States who does not live in the White House. For that, I do thank you.

I want a refund and an apology

But thousands of us are out $10 or $50 or $100 – a few much more – to ensure that the candidates we elected in 2010 for four-year terms were not short-changed. We endured the Siege of the Capitol, a poisoned discourse, and a needless re-run of the perpetual political campaign.

Here’s a prediction: Tuesday’s losers (I am tempted to capitalize that last word) will cry a river about being outspent. They will try to make the case that money spent on election campaigns is worse than money spent on potato chips. They will attack the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. FEC decision in 2010. They will be wrong. I’ll have more to say on that soon.

They will ignore the fact that Scott Walker got more small donations from Wisconsin than did Tom Barrett. Never mind, that money was freely given.

Tuesday’s losers forced all of us taxpayers to shell out at least $16 million – a lowball estimate of the recall elections this year, alone.

I want my money back.

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