Alliant Energy campus could become economic driver

Results of a preliminary study to measure the future of the Dane County Coliseum and the Alliant Energy Center suggests a $400 million plan to renovate rather than replace the center’s Memorial Coliseum and expand Exposition Hall by as much as 100,000 square feet.

The report, from Chicago-based Hunden Strategic Partners, also suggests adding one or two new hotels to the 164-acre campus as well as a “Restaurant Road” with four to six privately run dining establishments.

Sharon Corrigan, Dane County Board chair and chairwoman of the AEC Master Planning Oversight Committee, calls the report very encouraging. In a release, Corrigan comments, “The redevelopment could be an economic engine with the potential to create over 600 new jobs in the community.”

Hunden is expected to present a formal market study and economic impact study by the end of February.

An earlier, $500 million study from Hammes Co. recommended demolishing and replacing the Coliseum as part of the campus overhaul.