Air Force says F-35s would impact over 1,000 homes

A draft report compiled by the U.S. Air Force and National Guard Bureau says that more than 1,000 homes near Truax Field could be incompatible for residential use due to the higher noise level of F-35 jets.

According to an article in the Wisconsin State Journal, if the new fighter jets were to be based at Truax Field, the daily average noise level would reach about 70 decibels and up to 110 decibels as jets pass by. The former noise level is about as loud as a vacuum cleaner, while the latter noise level is about as loud as a rock concert.

A draft Environmental Impact Statement has been posted online on the U.S. Airforce website, and it will be presented during an Open House on Thursday, Sept. 12, from 5 to 6:30 p.m., in Exhibition Hall at the Alliant Energy Center, 1919 Alliant Energy Center Way, Madison. Members of the public can remain engaged in the EIS process by visiting the website and attending the Sept. 12 open house and public meeting.