Air Canada: Customer Relations

I think this letter I recently sent speaks for itself.

Dear Customer Service Manager:

I’d like to compliment Air Canada on the particularly fine service I received from “Brent,” one of your station employees at Fredericton, NB. He took extra initiative to help me improve my connections on a return flight to the US on June 21st.

I’m an experienced traveler, but frankly I came to the Fredericton airport with a bit of anxiety because I had just discovered that I had four separate flights to get home, along with customs and tight connections at unfamiliar airports. Brent explained my options with good cheer and then simplified my routing.

I suppose Brent would say he was just doing his job and he just happens to be a personable guy. But I know that’s not always the case with front-line employees. Here in Madison, Wisconsin, I happen to serve on the Airport Commission as well as on the board of the Convention and Visitors Bureau, and I know that such service is priceless. I wish we could find a way to instill the attitude Brent displayed in everyone who comes in contact with customers.

Thanks again for a very nice experience on Air Canada.


William H. Haight

You know, I felt almost as good writing that letter as Brent undoubtedly did when he learned of it. If you can make a person feel good for a day with five minutes of effort, it’s five minutes well spent. Brent made my day with his five minute effort and now I’ve returned the favor.

Follow-up to my recent post about my letter to Air Canada.(see above) I didn’t send this as an email. I printed the letter on very nice company stationary and envelope. I made sure proper Canadian postage was used. What would you have done?

  • I’d have sent it via email because it’s free and fast.
  • I’d have sent a nice printed version, as you did, because it shows more thought, is more formal, and is not going to get caught in a spam trap.
  • Other? Comment and let me know.