Agrace completes $15M campaign

With the help of more than 1,750 donors, Wisconsin’s largest nonprofit hospice and palliative care organization has completed its $15 million endowment campaign. Agrace says the endowment will help ensure that all local hospice patients can receive end-of-life care, even if they cannot pay.

The campaign began in 2014 to help financially disadvantaged people with a life expectancy of six months or less. While Medicare, Medicaid, and private health insurance cover the cost of basic hospice services for most patients, an increasing number of people in southern Wisconsin still find themselves without hospice coverage when they need it.

From the $15 million endowment investment, Agrace expects to generate $750,000 in annual income, which will be used solely to fund Agrace’s “Care for All” charitable care program. Among the factors that can leave people without hospice coverage are the high deductibles associated with private insurance, longer waiting lists for those seeking medical assistance, and a rise in the rate of some cancers, including colorectal, thyroid, and testicular cancers in people who are too young for Medicare.

To date in 2019, approximately 100 Agrace patients have received Care for All support and that is expected to double by year’s end.