Agencies partner to create ‘Food Bridge’ for seniors

NewBridge Madison has partnered with The River Food Pantry and RSVP of Dane County to provide home deliveries to seniors so they don’t have to go hungry.

The program delivers meals from The River Food Pantry to seniors affected by food insecurity and hopes to serve as many as 60 older adults with a goal of 300 by 2024. The program would allow older adults to have two or three nutritious meals a day, saving them an average of $268 per month on expenses. The Food Bridge program is now hoping to generate $50,000 in donations.

NewBridge was created in January 2019 to consolidate four Madison nonprofits — the North/Eastside Senior Coalition, West Madison Senior Center, South Madison Coalition of the Elderly, and the East Madison/Monona Coalition of the Aging — so they could maintain their purposes but not compete with one another.