A well-being message unique to you

For fun this month, this post is interactive — meaning you have an active part to play in it. I’ve created six different messages and you are going to pick the one to read today based on the color you choose. You do not have to read all the messages, unless you want to; you can read just the one for your color.

STEP 1: Pick a color:


STEP 2:  Scroll down to your color below and read the message. Then scroll to the very end for my closing statement.


You are safe and secure. You have a solid foundation to go forward. You have nothing to fear, even though fear can seem so real. While you may have been unable to — or not ready to — trust before, you feel that it’s time! You can feel your solidness, strength, and you are ready. Trust in yourself. Trust in others. Trust in the process. You have everything you need to take the next step. To move forward, you will need to recognize when you are caught in fear and choose to step forward anyway. Like a courageous warrior, you move toward that which is scary, trusting in yourself to handle all that follows. You got this! There is a quote I love, which asks: “What if I fall?” And the reply is, “Oh darling, what if you fly?”


You are aching to co-create. It is as if you are “pregnant” with possibility or potentiality that is ready to burst. You have an urge, a passion, a desire, and an energy that is swirling inside your heart. You feel it. And you are looking for an outlet. You are seeking your place, your direction, your purpose to bring that energy forth. You are seeking ways to express who you are and what you can do to serve others, and maybe even serve the world. The confidence you need to do this is building. The co-creators — those you need in this process — are coming to you. Everything is aligning as it should. And when an opportunity presents itself to you to create, to express, to dance, to shine, to just BE YOU, to help, and to serve, then JUST DO IT!


You shine so bright, darling, we need shades to look at you! Like the sun or like a yellow flower, you are radiant. Your beauty is not your body. Your beauty is your soul and it’s magnificent. You are finally allowing your true self to be seen. You are letting others see you. You are stepping out into the world in a way you haven’t before. You have waited a long time and sometimes the wait may have felt like hibernation. Maybe sometimes you felt like you’d never come out. But you did! Look at you! You are here now. You are being the full, amazing you, and through being you, you are helping people! Other people see you and they feel better, and through watching you, others are inspired. You are an inspiration — because you are being “in spirit” — you are bringing your “spirit” (your YOU-ness) to life, and it is beautiful. Everyone is saying YES! And everyone is saying THANK YOU!


You are surrounded by love and connection. You give it freely and you receive it with deep appreciation. You love it so much you may even feel like crying. There is something in you that knows that even when you are scared, you are loved. Even when you are feeling lonely, you are loved. Even when someone you love is not present with you, you can think of them and connect to their/your memories, and in that memory, you are loved. Embrace yourself in the feeling of this connection. Breathe it in and know that you are always loved and always connected. It’s also important to recognize the love and connection that you have all around you every day (even though you may overlook it) — your co-workers in the office, people on email, friends, significant others, family (or like-family), connections on social media, people on the street … and yes, even those you’ll never talk to, you still are connected to them in this web of humanity. Like one “tree” in a forest, feel the other “trees” around you and feel our “roots” entangle; we are all here together. You are loved. You are connected.


You can speak your mind freely. You may have some fear in what to say or how to say it. You may have some anxiety about choosing the right words, so that others can truly know or understand or see you. But know that if you’re connected with your heart, the right words will come, and there is also what is “written between the lines.” It is not only what we say or write that makes us who we are, it is the “essence” or “quality” of the messenger. Your truth can be felt. Your intention can be felt. Your love can be felt. Your desire or passion can be felt. But this means, too, that your fear or insecurities can also be felt. Do not be afraid. Your fears are important. They tell you and others what you need — and needing help is OK — and that, too, should be communicated freely. Trust in yourself. Trust in others. Trust in the process of relating, communicating, and sharing your heart with others. And when you do, you will feel your whole body and mind “let go.” You will feel peace, like the quietness of looking up at a blue sky or out on the blue ocean.


You are seeing the deeper meaning of things lately. You might be seeing past the physical body, past the hectic thoughts of the day, and past the trivial challenges we seem to face every day. You may be at a place where you are enjoying being the “observer” of life, and not the “reactor” to life. You are realizing that there is much in this life to be grateful for. You are realizing that you can let go of so many things that really aren’t important, and you are seeing the innate beauty in all people, including yourself. There is a sparkle in a person’s eyes, and you see it in your own — it is that sparkle that is our spirit, our sense of self, our true nature. Feeling this, seeing this, knowing this, and honoring this is where you feel compelled to be right now. You may not know what to do with this insight, but you are OK just enjoying it for now.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. And I hope that the message you chose was something you needed to hear today. If it was, and you’d like to share that with me, you can e-mail me and let me know. I’m always happy to hear from readers!

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