A Picture is Worth … Several Thousand Clicks, at Least.

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At IB, we celebrate good photography. And in that spirit, since I think photography is fun as well as practical, and I think that “favorite photos” tell a lot about a person, I’ve decided to hold an impromptu photo contest. The winners (hopefully, there will be several) will have their photos put on the IB website in the month of June!

To apply, e-mail me four photos (anyone can take one good photo; it’s harder to take four) and your contact information. Don’t imbed any identifying logos/marks on the photos. Then, I’ll mix up photos and have three staff members pick their favorites, and those will be posted, along with a brief introduction of the photographer, and a short comment about what each picture depicts.

I’ll need the photos by May 25 to have time to get them judged.

To get you in the mood, here are some photos that, were I applying, I’d think to include:

Rain, Rain, Go Away. Here are my barnyard friends at Lamb’s Farm in Libertyville, Illinois. I go there many, many times a year to play with them, but this day, I had a hard time coaxing them out of the barn to play in the rain!

Lake Spells. If my husband was entering the contest, I’d ask him to send this one. Here, you can see a Nana passing the secrets of lake magic to her grandson. That would be me and Patrick.

Were you lookin’ at me? Does this bird look mad to you? He swooped into our boat in Florida and landed at me feet and almost gave me a heart attack. I had been photographing him flying, and he accommodated me with a closeup.

The Eternal Flame. President John F. Kennedy’s grave, Arlington National Cemetery. Lump in my throat when I took this photo….

Cyber Cat. This is the new tiger at the Henry Vilas Zoo. I took this with a regular camera, zoom lens. He’s a beauty at any distance.

What Love Looks Like. The couple steal away for a private moment, not realizing Mom is still in the room with a camera….

A Slice of Americana. The sky steals the applause during this twilight Mallard’s game. The colors were too pretty not to photograph.

So, you get the idea. Go through your photos (or grab your camera and take a few more) and send them to jodyp@magnapubs.com. Share a glimpse of your life!

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