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This Labor Day, has Trump permanently wrestled blue-collar voters from Dems?

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From the pages of In Business magazine.

Welcome to "Political Posturing," featuring opposing views on current issues important to Wisconsin's business community. In this column, Wisconsin Business Alliance Board President Brad Werntz and conservative columnist David Blaska offer their opinions from the left and the right, respectively.

No, the working class will discover the truth soon enough.

By Brad Werntz

Today, in an email from the White House, the boldfaced subject line stood out: “Jobs are Coming Back!” It’s American Dream Week, and the president is empowering Americans to achieve their dreams.

Sounds good, so far. Who in their right mind wouldn’t sign on for that? Let’s take a look at the content, though.

The first headline: “Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy,” announces the RAISE Act, promising to create an “immigration system that protects our workers” by cutting legal immigration in half. Many believe that immigrants take jobs, but this isn’t true. More often, immigrants do hard labor for low wages under conditions that most Americans won’t abide.

The next headline: “Vice President Pence in Montenegro.” This small Balkan state distinguishes itself in many ways: After its industrial infrastructure collapsed along with Yugoslavia, its economy has relied heavily on service jobs. It’s also a thriving hub of petroleum and tobacco smuggling. If this small, almost-failed state doesn’t scream “American Dream Week,” I don’t know what does.

And the last headline: “Dow Jones Industrial Average Reaches All-time High.” In January, when the DOW hit 20,000, analysts called market performance “irrational” and “due for an adjustment.” This week, the DOW added a couple thousand points (since Trump’s election), which either makes the market 10% more rational, or 10% less due for an adjustment. Whatever happens, blue-collar workers will be just fine, because when have the markets ever before hurt American workers?

The truth is, if blue-collar voters knew how to create jobs, most of them wouldn’t be blue-collar workers. Our president and our governor prove that many white-collar workers don’t know how to create jobs, either. Our governor just spent $1 million per worker to steal jobs from Third World countries, and our president is one of the few people ever to go bankrupt in the casino industry.

Happy Labor Day! Now brought to you by Foxconn. Ask about our executive rates at Mar-a-Lago, where every week is American Dream Week!

Brad Werntz is a small business owner and board president of the nonpartisan Wisconsin Business Alliance,


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