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Who should be Wisconsin’s next governor, Scott Walker or Tony Evers?

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From the pages of In Business magazine.

Welcome to "Political Posturing," featuring opposing views on current issues important to Wisconsin's business community. In this column, Wisconsin Business Alliance Board President Brad Werntz and conservative columnist David Blaska offer their opinions from the left and the right, respectively.

Tony Evers, because he’s running for the right reasons.

By Brad Werntz

For our next governor, we need someone who cares about Wisconsin, not their national profile. On this criteria, it’s got to be Tony Evers, an affable, familiar, and a real-deal Wisconsinite. Evers has a proven track record of being able to hold a line while working with people with whom he disagrees. Evers is compassionate, honest, and caring. He’s in politics for all the right reasons.

Electing Evers would mean a return to decent Wisconsin public servants who work for everyday Wisconsinites. For those who remember Proxmire, Nelson, and Bronson La Follette, electing Evers means returning someone like that — and the quiet pride that comes with it — to our state politics. Evers is compassionate, thoughtful, and non-dogmatic. He solicits input and dialogue from others, which leads to better ideas and outcomes for Wisconsinites.

For lieutenant governor, Mandela Barnes is not a status quo candidate. Barnes gave up his Assembly seat in order to challenge a sitting Democratic state senator and fight for our schools. Barnes is sharp, fearless, and smart, and he’ll bring the fire to the lieutenant governor’s office like no one else can. We can count on him to stand up for our communities.

Wisconsin needs a new governor, and the Dems have a ticket that is refreshingly different from any we’ve seen so far. It’s a ticket rooted deeply in the issue that matters most to voters — education. Evers believes that the education of Wisconsin’s children should be our number one priority, and with Barnes on his team, Wisconsin will bring education back to the forefront.

Wisconsin has dropped in most rankings from education to health care to the economy under Walker, and Evers has the knowledge and experience to bring our state back. His priorities for budgeting will be schools and the economic well being of ordinary people, not billions for billionaires, Foxconn, and corporate giveaways.

No doubt about it: Evers needs to be our next governor.

Brad Werntz is a small business owner in Madison.


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