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Madison’s development boom

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The changes to Madison’s cityscape may not always be immediately obvious when you’re seeing them occur in real time. For all the attention the pace of downtown development has generated since the “Great Recession,” it’s still surprising to see just how far multifamily residential, hotel, and commercial properties in the city have really come compared to what stood in their place before.

Taking note of Madison’s developmental rise is RENTCafé, a nationwide internet listing service (ILS) that enables renters to easily find apartments and houses for rent throughout the United States, including in Madison.

Change has swept through Madison in recent times, with resort-style apartment buildings, stunning hotels, and sparkling office towers bringing new life to once lackluster streets across the city, notes Amalia Otet, marketing communications specialist for RENTCafé. “As it sometimes helps to look back to realize just how far we’ve come, [RENTCafé] decided to take a peek at the recent past — the last nine years or so — to pinpoint some of the biggest developments that helped reshape whole neighborhoods.”

As part of its effort to look at the changing face of Madison, RENTCafé collaborated with Google Street View to produce a visual tour of some of the developments that have altered Madison’s skyline. Images of the 11 projects that RENTCafé examined are throughout this article. On each image, simply click on the arrow and slide it across to see the changes.

The (literal) rise of Madison

With the tech sector acting as an engine of growth, Madison seems to be following the same trend that is revitalizing urban landscapes all across the country, Otet says. As demand for apartment living has grown, developers have amped up their game and started delivering more rental options to those seeking more relaxed lifestyles — millennials and baby boomers alike.

229 Lakelawn, State-Langdon neighborhood — Completed: 2012

“In the largest construction boom we’ve seen over the last decade, approximately 320,000 new apartments in 50-plus unit buildings alone are expected to come online in the U.S. in 2016,” says Otet. “That’s a [more than] 50% increase from 2015 when approximately 200,000 units hit the market.”

Hampton Inn & Suites, State-Langdon neighborhood — Completed: 2013

According to Otet, high-end, lifestyle-oriented apartment communities seem to be the new norm in urban living, and Madison is keeping up with this trend. In addition to classy interiors, high-profile rental buildings such as 229 Lakelawn and Hub Madison come with some noteworthy amenities, including rooftop pools and steam spas, recording studios, yoga studios, fitness centers — and prices to match, naturally.

Hub Madison, State-Langdon neighborhood — Completed: 2015

Chazen Museum of Art, State-Langdon neighborhood — Completed: 2011


Oct 21, 2016 09:46 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

there have been some very attractive and complimentary additions to the Madison landscape. Unfortunately over the recent years the proliferation of Mega City projects in the name of economic development is destroying the natural beauty of the City. One of the best examples of a project which did not do that is Monona Terrace. A project I strongly opposed! On the other hand go to E. Washington Ave. or Gotham/ University Ave area - yuk!

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