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Promega’s da Vinci Center artfully blends exploration and industry

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“I think it shows a huge commitment on Bill Linton’s part to say, ‘Okay, I’m going to support Promega and give you the tools that you need to do the job right and effectively, in a timely way, cost effectively,” said Motl. “And it’s really opened up a whole new avenue of opportunities for us to get things done.”

However, according to Janes, while the facility may be unusual with respect to the biotech industry as a whole, it’s in no way out of place on the Promega campus.

“I’m not sure it’s so much a departure from the company culture and history, because I think Bill has a history of doing that in other parts of the organization,” said Janes. “I’ve been in several different companies here and around the country. I’ve never seen anyone dedicate this type of facility to the engineering and facilities part of the business to support the business. So I think it’s fairly unique in terms of what’s happening in other companies like ours in the area and around the region and probably around the country to have this type of capability in-house. I don’t know that it’s all that unique from a corporate perspective in terms of the culture that Bill has established.”

The shoulders of giants

If any local company were inclined to embrace the legacy of Leonardo da Vinci — a true polymath who deftly straddled the worlds of applied science and pure science — Promega seems as good a candidate as any.

To Patterson, the company culture to some extent embodies the heart and soul of da Vinci.

“The spirit of da Vinci and the exploration of creating tools that don’t exist yet, and the willingness to explore that uncharted territory is the spirit that a lot of people want to perpetuate, and this is a great place to do that,” said Patterson.

“And I think it reflects the larger part of our business, which is science, too,” added Motl. “I think our scientists, our researchers, have that mindset as well — that exploration of that process, let’s try something new here. Will it work? And to have that opportunity in a more physical environment here with equipment that supports what they do is pretty neat.”

More to the point, perhaps, the da Vinci building’s facilities embrace the animating force of science and technology — namely, trial and error.

“The tools [in this facility] will, I hate to say this, allow us to fail faster, right?” said Janes. “But sometimes that is what we do. We say, ‘I’ve got three or four ideas, I’m going to prototype something and try it.’ I’ve got some good experience with some things that we’ve 3D-printed over the last few weeks to do just that very thing. We were struggling with a particular process that we were trying to dial in, and we tried a few different things.

“We can print something in a couple of hours and try it and say, ‘Ooh, that’s not quite what we want,’ as opposed to sending something out and saying, ‘We think this is what we want. Let’s go have a machine shop make it for us over the course of a week or two, get it back in, and in the meantime, the clock’s ticking again on some deadlines we had for some things.’”

Meanwhile, the creative spirit — and the purposeful energy — of the facility are merging into what’s become something of a corporate-wide exploration in itself.

“I think to some degree [what goes on here] is tinkering with a purpose,” said Janes. “There’s certainly an element for the broader population of the company to tinker and get creative. It’s kind of in its infancy as a building, so we really haven’t scratched the surface of much of that, but some of the benefit for us from an engineering perspective is the ability to support our customers.

“Customers come to us with many different needs, broad and deep and very technical. So this gives us the ability to maybe more quickly get solutions for them. So tinkering, for sure. There’s the creative element of, ‘Let’s try that and see how it works.’ The ability to do that faster and say, ‘Hmm, maybe those two things aren’t a great idea, but it may lead you down a path to something else.’”

The da Vinci Center: Key Features

Rooftop solar panels
3D printer
Faro arm


The center’s south-facing surfaces include four-dozen 265-watt photovoltaic panels that generate an estimated 15,200 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. The building’s north-facing windows allow ample natural light to flow into the facility.

Laser-cutting Tool

Laser cutting allows Promega to quickly create change parts and also allows for prototyping of packaging designs.

Sample-cutting Tool

The company uses sample cutting to prototype paperboard and packaging. This results in faster development turnaround and allows the company to produce custom kit inserts in very low quantities.

3D Printing

This machine can quickly create plastic prototypes for packaging and can make fixtures and jigs for production and other applications.

The FARO Arm

This tool is used to reverse-engineer parts for processing new product components.

CNC Mill and CNC Lathe

These machines can rapidly prototype new component designs and make parts.

Source: Promega Corp.

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Oct 7, 2014 03:49 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Bill Linton's vision also includes supporting quality programs to serve his staff but also the broader community. Of note is Woodshollow child care a high quality child care program on the campus and Perennial Yoga a high quality yoga center across the street which offers an unique therapeutic yoga program as well as the usual programs of yoga, meditation and mindfullness. I don't work at promega but thanks to the flexibility of the non-profit where I work and Perennial I now have the means of eliminating back pain and living a healthier life . Thank you Bill Linton for your creativity and vision!

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