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The Two Americas

Madison continues to enable society’s takers.

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Unabashed, the city of Madison, liberal to its core, wants to buy up duplexes in distressed neighborhoods for “neighborhood centers,” including one in troubled Meadowood where the sound of gunfire – in the middle of the day! – has replaced lawn mowers. Purchase price: $2 million; Nintendo Game Boy batteries not included.

“We’re really talking about a pretty small neighborhood with big needs that the city spends a lot of resources on,” mostly police services, the local alderman told the Wisconsin State Journal.

Pardon my cynicism, but haven’t we seen this rerun before? Neighborhood roiled by crime makes headlines. Politicians cobble together a program, announce with great fanfare. Get credit for “doing something.” Rinse and repeat.

I’d like to think that the street gangs will take to the “after-school tutoring and enrichment programs” offered in the proposed new neighborhood center. But there’s already one just 10 blocks away in the shopping center, next door to the hardware store that is moving out. After 25 years, said its defeated proprietor, “customers are choosing to go someplace [else] where they feel safe.”

With it leaves after-school jobs mopping floors and working the cash register. After 40 years of Great Society-style social programs, is America really better off? 

The solution is simple. Require everyone between the ages of 16 and 60 to work for their supper. The only handouts in the new regime are brooms and shovels. Get to work. Or was the work ethic of the Greatest Generation that mistaken?

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