2019 40 Under 40: An impressive class

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Naomi Kroth

Project Manager/VP
Bachmann Construction
Age: 35

Naomi Kroth may be single-handedly taking 65-year-old Bachmann Construction where it has never gone before — into a technological future. “I was annoyed at the existing process and tools,” the third-generation Bachmann admits, so in true millennial fashion, she made some improvements.

Kroth developed trackers to help project managers monitor labor and material costs and pay applications — something the company performed manually before — and she’s about to launch a new pilot program that will scan invoices and subcontractor pay applications.

In 2017, Kroth founded a quarterly Millennial Members of Family Business Happy Hour, and last fall she was one of 22 individuals honored in The Daily Reporter’s inaugural, “Rising Young Professionals of Construction” event in Milwaukee.

Kroth has been a longtime supporter of the YMCA and serves as both an advisory board member and a certified instructor of a Les Mills BodyPump [barbell] class.

John J. Laubmeier

Attorney (Member/Partner)
Stroud, Willink & Howard LLC
Age: 39

After litigating many multimillion-dollar commercial-construction cases that have resulted in significant wins for his clients, John Laubmeier is building a name for himself and his law firm. One case with a favorable outcome was a complex commercial dispute he and a partner litigated involving about 30 witnesses across four states, over 1 million documents, thousands of exhibits, and dozens of witnesses.

Laubmeier proudly assists military veterans and their families, pro bono, through the Veterans Law Center, and in June he becomes president of the Dane County Bar Association after being elected by his peers.

His role as husband and storytelling dad, though, may be the most satisfying. “Every day, I tell my kids an original story putting them in an adventure with pirates, solving a mystery, or helping the Ninja Turtles.”

Adults may be equally transfixed by his recall of sports trivia and his claim to have memorized the lyrics of “virtually every popular song from the 1990s.”

Ashley Hein

Exact Sciences Corp.
Age: 34

With Exact Sciences Corp., Ashley Hein leads a team charged with ensuring the molecular diagnostics company is well capitalized and in a good cash position to support the growth of Cologuard, its non-invasive colorectal cancer screening test.

Last year, when the company decided to structure two deals around convertible debt rather than common stock offerings, she played a vital role and coordinated due diligence requests. When completed, the deals increased the company’s cash position by $908.5 million and supported a number of growth initiatives, including the acquisition of San Diego-based Biomatrica, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Exact Sciences.

In 2010, as the company’s United Way campaign manager, she encouraged executives to match employee donations dollar for dollar, and is proud that it still does, as part of its corporate gift to the community.

Besides thrift shops and garage sales, Hein’s favorite way to unwind is sewing — with a bourbon Old-Fashioned in hand.


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