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Here comes the future

With a youth-be-served spirit in mind, IB highlights Madison’s most promising young professionals in its annual 40 Under 40 presentation.

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From the pages of In Business magazine.

With the ongoing retirement of the massive baby-boom generation underway and gaining strength, it’s increasingly important to pass the torch to younger generations of business leaders, and the Greater Madison business community appears to be in good hands.

With a youth-be-served spirit in mind, this publication has highlighted Madison’s most promising young professionals in its annual 40 Under 40 presentation. Every year for the past 18 years, we’ve solicited nominations for a new class of outstanding young professionals under the age of 40, and each year we’re delighted to find that Greater Madison is fortunate to have dozens of accomplished young leaders preparing to take the helm.

The 2018 class is no exception, and not a moment too soon because in the forthcoming years they will be needed to help fill thousands of local executive roles. Their growing professional and civic contributions are detailed in the following pages, from Rafeeq Asad of Flad Architects to Erika Young of Wipfli Hewins Investment Advisors.

Best of all, their achievements, along with those of past honorees, will be celebrated at our annual 40 Under 40 networking reception, which will be held on Wednesday, March 7, from 5 to 7 p.m., at the Madison Club, 5 E. Wilson St.

Luke Hutchins

Senior Project Manager
J.H. Findorff and Son Inc.
Age: 38

For whatever reason, Luke Hutchins’ achievements are associated with tall things. Whether it’s successfully climbing Mount Rainier and Mount Baker in Washington State, or serving as project manager for some of Madison’s most attractive new buildings, he takes one bite out of the mountain at a time.

When you think about it, both can be strenuous climbs, especially the mountains. One evening at Camp Hazard, elevation 11,300 feet on Mount Rainier, heavy katabatic (downslope) winds hurled his party’s tent off the side of the mountain on a freezing night. Three quarters up Mount Baker, a massive blizzard hit, but they pushed forward to a spot with enough shelter to wait out the storm.

His can-do attitude has paid dividends on the challenging projects he’s managed. They include two mixed-use student projects — The James (340,000 square feet) and Hub Madison (495,000 square feet).

Leigh Myers

Director of Marketing
Exact Sciences
Age: 37

If you were presented with the challenge of designing an effective, national marketing campaign for an at-home colon cancer-screening test, could you do it?

Leigh Myers did. Myers led the marketing vision for Exact Sciences’ Little CG, “a friendly, animated box” that waits on bathroom countertops to help eligible adults become more comfortable with screening.

The campaign focuses on the ease of Cologuard’s non-invasive, at-home test and mail-back efficiency with the product’s “get, go, gone” simplicity, and it appears to be working. Exact Sciences data shows that nearly half (48%) of Cologuard users report never having been screened before.

It wasn’t the first time Myers faced a tough marketing challenge. At Kraft Foods, she was named brand manager for Oscar Mayer bacon, a mature product that was losing shelf space to competitors. Her ability to collaborate turned around the product’s revenues and profits in just one year.

Angela C. Thomas

General Accounting Section Chief
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Age: 37

Angela Thomas was working as a pharmacy technician when she realized from discussions with a career advisor that she was better suited for an accounting career, so she took the leap and went back to school. “I learned it is never too late to change directions or go after a goal,” Thomas relates.

Now at the DNR, Thomas excels at streamlining processes. The efficiencies allow her to manage her workload with five fewer employees. That, she says, translates “to over 10,000 hours in salary and wage savings, exceeding $200,000 annually.”

On her own time, she’s also lobbied state legislators on a bill affecting her profession that awaits Gov. Walker’s signature.

Thomas has been an active member of the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary – Civil Air Patrol since the age of 13, receiving countless awards and commendations throughout the years. Her current rank is lieutenant colonel.


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