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Colorful cast of characters

The 2016 40 Under 40 show their true colors

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Mandi Gausewitz

Chief Operating Officer

Goldstein & Associates
Age: 35

Shortly after college graduation, Mandi Gausewitz went to France expecting a job as a kindergarten teaching assistant, but when she arrived she learned her job had been filled and she was on her own in a foreign country with no job and no place to stay. She ended up finding a position at a local high school and the yearlong cultural experience shaped her life. “I’m much more independent because of it,” she says.

Among her proudest career moments was being named COO after 11 years at Goldstein & Associates where she oversees a staff of 20 and a seven-figure budget.

She’s on the board at the Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestras, and when she’s not volunteering elsewhere, she might be found decorating her home for various holidays with any of about 50 LEGO building sets she owns.

Favorite color: Green. “Ever since I had a box of Crayolas, sea green was my favorite color.”

Laura Gmeinder


Laura Gmeinder Coaching & Consulting LLC
Age: 38

Many people encounter a mid-life crisis, but Laura Gmeinder learned life lessons while going through a “quarter-life crisis.” Now as the founder of her own coaching and consulting company, she’s determined to give clients ideas and inspiration for their own personal journey.

Gmeinder’s epiphany came after seven years in the corporate world when she realized she was called to do more with her life. Was it a company? Was it another job? It took several years to find her purpose and learn how to bring her dreams to life in the form of her own company and the organization Ladies Who Lead, a community of women dedicated to supporting one another on their leadership journeys.

Favorite color: (Badger) Red. “I am high energy, talk fast when I get excited, and am very passionate about the people and things that matter most to me. I’ve been told my energy is infectious!”

Charlie Goldstone


Frank Productions Concerts LLC
Age: 35

Ten years ago, Frank Productions offered the city an idea to revamp its annual Halloween event, which had declined from bawdiness to bedlam through the years. Charlie Goldstone headed up the effort to present a safer option, and he’s been the lead producer of “Freakfest” ever since, working with the city to design stage sites and develop crowd-safety plans. He also helped bring the Avett Brothers to town in a first-ever concert at Breese Stevens Field, and hints at overseeing a new venue in 2016 that could add more than 100 new events to the city.

“My vision is to elevate Madison’s reputation as a must-play destination for top-tier artists,” he says. “[Frank Productions] will be an integral part of the city’s strategy to retain young professionals by strengthening the vibrancy of the city’s nightlife.”

Favorite color: Black. “It’s the color of my favorite album jacket — Smell the Glove by Spinal Tap.

Mark Greene

Senior Director

United Way of Dane County
Age: 38

Mark Greene has a great deal to be proud of during his first 38 years of life. There is his military service, where he earned six air medals and two aerial achievement medals while piloting more than 170 combat missions over Afghanistan and Iraq, experiences that gave him valuable insights on leadership, politics, and human nature.

Then there is the pride Greene feels in being part of a United Way team that raised $19.5 million this past year for its Community Agenda for Change, which helps Dane County families find pathways out of poverty. He describes his employer as the “community’s connector” because it mobilizes nonprofits, businesses, and others to tackle persistent challenges in education, intergenerational poverty, and health.

Favorite color: Blue. “It looks great. It’s a versatile color that can be worn any day of the week or time of year. Also, it reminds me of clear skies, which are always nice.”

Diana Henry

Director of Public Relations

Rippe Keane Marketing
Age: 39

Diana Henry has probably been in more living rooms than most people, but since leaving the television news business, the former anchor/reporter arguably has become involved in more important things — encouraging women to get mammograms or personally raising $16,000 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Western Wisconsin chapter, where she was honored as 2015 Volunteer of the Year.

In addition to handling PR at Rippe Keane, Henry is active with Friends of Diabetes Research and serves on the UW Carbone Cancer Center Emerging Leadership Board.

“Transitioning from television news to the ‘dark side,’ as people call it, was eye-opening,” she acknowledges. “I have enjoyed learning a new trade and skills and look forward to what the journey will bring next.”

Favorite color: Black. “It can be paired with any color and it’s slimming! My 5th grade math teacher called me ‘Mrs. [Johnny] Cash’ because I wore black so often!”


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