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COVID-19: What can we do to support vulnerable businesses?
Greater Madison Chamber offers virtual portal to answer pressing business FAQs during COVID-19 pandemic.
(Source: In Business)

COVID-19: Unique local solutions to help other businesses
Whether it's creating new ways to host a virtual conference or applying an existing framework to keep remote workers notified as information changes rapidly, Madison companies are helping each other navigate these uncertain times.
(Source: In Business)

COVID-19: How to work effectively from home
IB offers tips for professionals suddenly forced into remote work on cybersecurity, what to do with “free” time, and how to manage those distractions known as kids.
(Source: In Business)

How to ensure the coronavirus doesn’t shut down your business
Major disruptions from COVID-19 affecting large, global companies like Amazon and IBM could soon be reality for small- to medium-sized Wisconsin businesses if the disease continues its rapid spread.
(Source: In Business)

Connecting amid coronavirus: Some advice for lonely extroverts
When suddenly faced with indefinite isolation, the collapse of all events and social outings, the end of networking opportunities (often multiple events per week), and the inability to have face-to-face interactions or group discussions, the effects can be emotionally draining and utterly depressing for even the most positive extrovert.
(Source: Carole Schaeffer, Miron Construction)

COVID-19: Strategies to overcome the current challenges
In a time when things are changing day to day, how do you keep business running as usual? Is it possible? What pieces need to be in place to ensure your business will endure? These are all questions we've been hearing from our clients in the last week.
(Source: Stephanie Larson, Lift Consulting)

OSHA record-keeping considerations for workplace exposures to COVID-19
While OSHA specifically exempts employers from recording incidents of employees contracting “common colds and the flu” in the workplace, the agency noted that COVID-19 is not exempt.
(Source: Chris Halverson and Eric Brown, M3 Insurance)

The coronavirus, Fed rates, and cybersecurity: What you should know
The past few weeks have been an unprecedented time across the globe. The spread of COVID-19 has proven just how connected we are as a global community. In addition to taking important measures toward limiting the spread of COVID-19, here are a few other things to keep in mind about the changing economic landscape.
(Source: Jim Hegenbarth, Park Bank)

Maintaining privacy and cybersecurity vigilance during the coronavirus outbreak
Cybersecurity is as much a behavioral challenge as it as a technological one. That’s precisely why the recent coronavirus outbreak, or COVID-19, is so potentially harmful to a company’s cybersecurity efforts.
(Source: Mindi Giftos, Husch Blackwell)

Congress makes significant changes to proposed FMLA and sick leave requirements in COVID-19 bill
‚ÄčOn March 16, 2020, the U.S. House of Representatives unveiled legislation revisiting the sweeping COVID-19 response bill it passed only days earlier. While ostensibly styled as “corrections” to the prior legislation, this new bill dramatically changes a number of provisions it had previously adopted.
(Source: Jim Paretti, et al, Littler)

Coronavirus’ effects on the stock market could be long-lasting
Concerns over slower global economic growth due to the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) have led to a precipitous decline in stock prices and bond yields
(Source: Brian Andrew, Johnson Financial Group)

Check with your vendors to avoid coronavirus-related delays from overseas products
Some local businesses are starting to feel the effects of the coronavirus situation in China and its impact on the manufacturing sector. While many factories are once again resuming production, in some provinces other factories may not return to work for some period of time.
(Source: Donna Gray, Total Awards & Promotions)

Must I allow my employees time off when their child’s school is closed?
Probably not, but a good employer is careful in enforcing any time-off policies, even those that may appear to be innocuous.
(Source: Jessica M. Kramer, Kramer, Elkins & Watt LLC)


Local, State, National COVID-19 Info

Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development
Frequently asked questions that relate to DWD’s services, information, and resources for businesses, individuals, and organizations.

Small Business Administration
Resources for small business owners.

Public Health — Madison and Dane County
Local updates from the Greater Madison region.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services
Statewide updates on the spread of COVID-19 and the Badger State response.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updates
Ongoing updates on the disease, how it is spread, where it exists, testing, and more.

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