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Building in our backyard

2019 will see the completion of some significant development projects throughout Dane County.

The Lumicera building being built at West Place is a two-story, 30,000-square-foot pharmacy building for Navitus’ specialty pharmacy division.

The Lumicera building being built at West Place is a two-story, 30,000-square-foot pharmacy building for Navitus’ specialty pharmacy division.

Rendering: Potter Lawson

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From the pages of In Business magazine.

New York City may be known as the “city that never sleeps,” but it’s a wonder that Greater Madison-area developers and contractors are getting any shuteye with the sheer amount of construction taking place throughout the city and Dane County.

And make no bones about it, there are some major projects going up in and around Madison in 2019.

Higher education is a big beneficiary of the current construction boom, as Madison College will open its new South campus in the fall and UW–Madison is renovating or opening several buildings of its own this year.

West Place, not surprisingly on Madison’s west side, is a three building, multiphase teardown of the old Madison College West campus.

Garver Feed Mill’s long-anticipated restoration and transformation into a production center for high-quality, locally made food and drink will bridge the gap between the historic landmark’s past and future.

Yahara Commons, along Monona’s riverfront, will complete its first two phases this summer — a mixed-use residential and retail space, along with the Avid Hotel — and begin construction on the third and final stage around the same time.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg on the bevy of local projects going up this year, many of which are featured over the next few pages.

Campus of upward mobility

Madison College South Campus

Scheduled for completion: September
2429 Perry St., Madison
Submitted by: Miron Construction
Rendering credit: Plunkett Raysich Architects

In opening its new 75,000-square-foot south campus in time for the start of the fall semester, Madison College is aiming to provide a spark in one of Madison’s poorest and most diverse neighborhoods.

The Goodman South Campus, on schedule to open Sept. 3, will be a two-story building located at the corner of South Park Street and Badger Road. It will feature about 20 classrooms, four science labs, three computer labs, a library, and a dining area. The entire facility has been the vision of Madison College President Dr. Jack E. Daniels for some time.

“When I think about the impact on the community and at the college, part of our role is to serve the needs in the area in which we’re working,” explains Daniels. “We based everything about the south campus on the needs — the needs of underemployed, unemployed, unskilled folks who are looking to have skill development, so they can be employable, gainfully, with a family living wage.”

The south campus project began in June 2018 with the demolition of a former state office building. As of December, the project was more than one-third of the way complete, with progress remaining steadily on track, says Daniels.

“We know [the south campus] is going to impact economic development because we’ve got employers seeking employees,” notes Daniels. “The demand is outstripping the supply. This is another way to reach a number of folks who without access to our institution on the south side would not have the capacity to get the type of skills necessary to meet the workforce needs.”

Daniels says along with its partners in the area — from Centro Hispano to the Literacy Network to Reach Dane — the south campus will act like a hub for addressing the needs of the folks who live in the surrounding area, many of whom have lived in poverty and are looking for ways out of it.

“All the classrooms will be up to the standards that we have at the Truax campus,” adds Daniels. “Those are the types of standards that you look for in the classroom. [Faculty] will be able to reach populations they haven’t reached in the past.”

The south campus facility, which will replace the existing south campus at Villager Mall, will enable Madison College to make profound qualitative improvements in courses and degree offerings. The south campus will have a different emphasis than the Truax campus and serve as an “on ramp” for certain health care and technology degrees. It will have a strong STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) focus, plus basic manufacturing, early childhood education, and an increasing liberal arts portfolio.

The college has a number of equipment-intensive programs at its Truax campus, but it has no intention of duplicating them on the south campus. “That would be [cost] prohibitive for us, but we’re going to have on ramps to some of those programs that would still be at Truax,” Daniels says.

Three technology labs will feature some Cisco and custom service training within the technology realm, but perhaps the most promising tech feature will be the Early College STEM Academy, which is a partnership with the Madison Metropolitan School District to offer a dual-credit technology curriculum. Two years from the start of the new south campus, Daniels hopes to see up to 200 select Madison junior and senior high school students come to the college, do all their educational training there, and receive college credit that is also used for their high school requirements.

The south campus building also will be open to the community for meetings, events, and association activities. It will offer a full menu of student services, including financial literacy, and serve as a seven-day-a-week campus with alternative programming such as weekend college for people who can’t take advantage of course offerings Monday through Friday.

It also promises to be more accessible than the Truax campus. In the past, Daniels has cited the transportation issues faced by south Madison residents who want to enroll in programming at the Truax campus. This location promises to make transportation much less of an issue and will feature shuttle service back and forth between the two campuses for students to get hands-on technical training in various course offerings.


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