Van Lines

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My Green Bay Packers Mount Rushmore

Of all the blogs and columns I’ve written, this one might be the most controversial. No other topic I’ve written about will likely cause so much disagreement in my beloved home state as this one. That includes my advocacy of low tax rates to promote economic growth, my assertions that federal government policy is causing too much uncertainty among the people who make hiring decisions, and my belief that if we want to save our entitlement programs from financial ruin, we’d better reform them soon.

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The war on privacy

This month, IB presents a business technology feature that’s an intentional departure from the usual boys-and-their-toys or girls-and-their-gadgets approach. With all the controversy generated from recent reportage on government intrusions, we thought an examination of privacy was in order.

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Supply and demand: Vogel supplies, schools demand

Think of the Dane County School Supplies for Kids program as your way of helping to close the achievement gap in Dane County schools. The program, now in its 20th year, was founded by David Vogel, 81, chairman of the board of Vogel Bros. Building. Following his tenure as president, he remains active in the company and even more active in this cause.

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In Defense of Obamacare … No, Really

By the time people finish reading this column, conservatives will be convinced I’ve lost my mind and liberals will think I’m finally wising up. But of all the things President Obama has done since taking office, I’ve tried to cut him the most slack on the controversial Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.

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What Aaron should say to Ryan

Now that Ryan Braun has finally fessed up about his use of performance-enhancing drugs, now that he has accepted his punishment (if a bit ham-handedly), and now that he has a mountain of work to do in rehabilitating his image, perhaps his pally Aaron Rodgers can offer him some advice about staying at the foot of the cross. If anyone can help Braun rehab, especially since Brewers owner Mark Attanasio said he would remain with the team, it’s the esteemed quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, who stuck his neck out about a mile (as did this blogger) in defense of Braun, even offering to bet a year’s salary that his friend was innocent.

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