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Walker and the budget: Shorting the shortfall

Before his State of the State address, Gov. Scott Walker said addressing a projected shortfall (i.e., structural deficit) heading into the next state budget isn’t a priority for him. He reaffirmed that during the Jan. 22 address, saying he would, as part of a “Blueprint for Prosperity,” prefer to send $800 million of a $912 million surplus back to Wisconsin taxpayers.

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One executive who conquered the Great Depression

About 12 years ago, I spent a very enjoyable summer evening with Scott Braucht and his wife, Mary, at Concerts on the Square. It was a happy occasion, one of those gorgeous summer nights that, when combined with music, helps you realize that civilization actually exists.

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It's time to tackle the skills gap

Before the October surprise of 204,000 new jobs, the U.S. economy created 163,000 jobs in September (revised upward from 148,000) and averaged 190,000 new jobs per month over the prior year. While October marked the 44th consecutive month of job growth, we’re creating jobs at such a moderate pace that it will take several more years to recover all the jobs lost in the Great Recession. Many elected officials don’t seem to have noticed, but there appears to be a structural transformation underway that must be addressed if employers expect to find the labor they need, not only to function but also to flourish.

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No getting rid of The Big Easy

With the appointment and expected Senate confirmation of Janet Yellen as chair of the Federal Reserve, nobody expects the Fed to unwind its “easy money” policy before the announced date of 2015. The real questions are: Will Yellen be an even more aggressive bond buyer than her predecessor, Ben Bernanke, who had hoped to start tapering off by year’s end? And will she have the resolve to tighten the money supply when it’s called for?

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The GOP: What a swell party it was

It’s hard to sum up just how badly insurgent House Republicans and a few myopic senators have shot themselves, and the party as a whole, in the head with their hopeless quest to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Not in the foot — in the head.

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