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Fusion 2014: IT managers wolf down management advice

Whenever someone is described as a Machiavellian genius, it can be a compliment, a sign of grudging respect, or a five-alarm warning. In the IT workforce, personality profiles run the gamut. Some CIOs end up in positions where they don’t have much power, they take punches each day, and they are the very definition of lambs. Others are a bit like Eddie Haskell — they’re wolf-like bullies to their staff underlings but put on a polite façade when dealing with the chief executive.

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Fusion 2014: Don’t dismiss disruptive business models

Thanks to information technology, that ever-present enabler of speed and agility, traditional business models are under attack from a bevy of online services, and any business organization that presumes immunity will be in for a big, fat surprise.

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The value of networking and relationships

There’s an old saying that goes something like this: Be kind to people on the way up because they are the same people you meet on the way down. Terry Murawski followed that advice, and that enabled him to bounce back from an unexpected turn of events. Last summer, he lost his job as executive director of the National W Club after the organization lost, via competitive bid, the food and beverage concession contract for UW athletic events. The contract represented 80% of the club’s annual revenue, so it was a devastating development that compelled Murawski to resign.

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Spirited debate should bring tastier result

I’ve never felt more like singing the blues for booze, or at least popping a cork for Wisconsin’s small distilleries, which simply ask for a level playing field. In Wisconsin, outfits like Madison’s Yahara Bay Distillers are not allowed to offer product samples — tastings — at licensed retailers like groceries or liquor stores. When you make 18 products, including several low-alcohol liqueurs enriched by Wisconsin’s apple and cranberry industries, it helps to have consumers sample your products.

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Walker and the budget: Shorting the shortfall

Before his State of the State address, Gov. Scott Walker said addressing a projected shortfall (i.e., structural deficit) heading into the next state budget isn’t a priority for him. He reaffirmed that during the Jan. 22 address, saying he would, as part of a “Blueprint for Prosperity,” prefer to send $800 million of a $912 million surplus back to Wisconsin taxpayers.

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