Van Lines

with Joe Vanden Plas


Washington, can we at least have more visas?

About this time last year, we reported about how congressional inaction on immigration reform is harming businesses. We wish we could say that things are different today.

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Don't kill the American energy advantage

The nation’s energy renaissance arrived just in time, but for some strange reason, some elected officials are trying to undermine it. Thanks to recent breakthroughs in drilling technology, we have emerged as the world’s top producer of natural gas, and our ability to locate and extract shale oil makes OPEC very nervous.

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Now that job-hopping has lost its stigma ...

Thanks to seemingly irreversible workforce trends, job-hopping doesn’t carry the stigma it once did, and that’s a dilemma for employers who are virtually compelled to reduce the phenomenon.

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The undeniable power of the emerging workforce

In San Francisco, employers with 20 or more workers are now required to state why they deny employee requests to work different hours, to telecommute, or even to share job duties. You heard that right — such work-life balance considerations are becoming a legally protected right, at least on the West Coast. But even if Madison employers never have to provide the government with such a note, they might want to make note of Spherion’s latest Emerging Workforce Study.

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Embracing their inner braud

I once was admonished by a younger co-worker for using the term “broad.” She assumed it was a pejorative term, and I assumed there was too much of a generation gap to explain why it isn’t. I wish Joanna Burish had been there at that moment because she has started a networking movement of smaller, more intimate professional groups that goes by the same name, different spelling.

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