Van Lines

with Joe Vanden Plas


The "Gimme" Generation

As I've watched the Occupy Wall Street movement unfold, and listened to the protesters' reasons for assembly (mostly peaceable, which is the kind that IS constitutionally protected), I've transitioned from somewhat sympathetic to rolling-my-eyes angry. What apparently began as sincere angst against the institutions that put us in our current economic funk has lapsed into, at best, a mass "other-people-owe-me-a-living" movement, and at worst, a weapon of mass distraction for a president and political party that apparently think they are in big trouble heading into an election year.

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A case where lengthier permitting is permissible

I usually join the chorus that complains about local permitting processes, especially when the objections spring from personal whim, not legal underpinnings, but proposed iron ore mining near Hurley, Wis. is one case where a little time and care is an absolute necessity, if for no other reason than a way of life could be impacted.

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Why business owners are my heroes

Welcome to the inaugural edition of In Business Wisconsin! Before I get into the whys and wherefores of this publication, I want to express my admiration for the Wisconsin business community. With a dwindling supply of people whom I can point to as “admirable,” I’d like to raise a glass (filled with lager of course) to the people in our state who put their capital at risk to maintain a payroll and otherwise build a business.

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Is either party on the job?

Last month, as I wrote an article about green business, a wicked thought crossed my mind: what if Gov. Walker falls short of his stated goal of creating 250,000 new jobs in four years, and better support of the green economy would have gotten him over the top? Would voters give him the heave-ho for not taking full advantage of every available opportunity to drive economic growth? Or would he be forgiven if the state comes close to that number? With some economists predicting we'll be in a job-creating funk for years, there are too many examples of political constituencies and/or ideology trumping job creation.

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Special Session: This is a time for ideas, not partisanship; Still time to make your voice heard in Thrive’s Advance Now survey

Following our state’s civil war over the budget repair bill, Democrats called on Gov. Scott Walker to take a more bipartisan approach. The governor apparently listened, working with Tony Evers on education reform and, more recently, calling for ideas from members of both parties for his special session on job creation called Back to Work Wisconsin.

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