Van Lines

with Joe Vanden Plas


Hey, Sierra Club, why don’t you sue the MMSD?

The legal brain trust of the Sierra Club must have certain blinders. How else do you figure an outfit that sues We Energies over a bluff accident that dumped coal ash into Lake Michigan but ignores the largest polluter in the state of Wisconsin – the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District.

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Handicapping the holidays

Madison College business-retail expert Mae Laatsch describes a "Black Friday" scene that had to be seen to be believed. Thousands of shoppers lined up, some as early as midnight on the day after Thanksgiving, ready to invade shopping centers all over the country, some prepared to spread out, work in groups, and communicate the availability of coveted gifts through cell phone texting. The Normandy invasion was executed with less precision, and only slightly less force! But whether it's Black Friday or Cyber Monday, the enthusiasm of most individual shoppers remains as tepid as the economy.

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The political left meets economic reality

Who would have thought that free trade agreements and expanding oil and gas production would help President Obama as much, or even more, than green energy?

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Touché, Mr. Prestegard

Conservative blogger Steve Prestegard has convinced me that I’m spreading a myth, a yarn that contends Gov. Scott Walker did not campaign on changes to collective bargaining for unionized state employees.

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Why I don’t really mind a gubernatorial recall

We’re having quite a civil war, our state. The budget repair bill, the Capitol protests, the contentious state Supreme Court race, and legislative recall elections all have served as preliminary skirmishes. Now comes Gettysburg – the potential recall of Gov. Scott Walker.

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