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Sep 23, 201310:43 AMVan Lines

with Joe Vanden Plas

My Green Bay Packers Mount Rushmore

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The rationale

In placing so much emphasis on the management side, I recall something Corey Chambas, now president and CEO of First Business Financial Services, told me when I first interviewed him. I asked what First Business looks for in a business when it considers lending money. The primary thing is quality management. Without it, a business has no chance to succeed and justify the bank’s faith in the organization.

That’s why my Packers Mount Rushmore has the aforementioned men. Shout-outs also are in order to Jack Vanisi, who helped draft the core group of Lombardi-era Packers before dying of a heart attack at age 33, and to Bob Harlan, who hired both Ron Wolf and Ted Thompson after foolish attempts at giving head coaches total authority. (Listen to Vince Lombardi’s comments when he relinquished the head coaching job; even he knew the game had become too complex for that particular model, but apparently nobody in Green Bay was listening).

Go ahead and take your potshots at some of my selections, but history is on my side. Whenever the Packers have enjoyed quality management, they have prospered on and off the field.

Who would be the four people on your Packers Mount Rushmore?

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